Air Plant Boat

Sansevieria U

Vrisea Planter

Pony Tail Palm

White Orchids 2

Tribal Orchid

White Orchid Boat

Pink Orchids 2

Air Plant

Zen Orchids

Purple Orchids



Yellow Orchids 3

White Orchids 1

White Orchids

Spotted Orchids

Yellow Orchids 2

Pink Orchids

Bromelia 2

Orchid Planter

Bromelia 1

Zamia Palm

Cactus Planter

Swirl Kalanchoe

Succulent Boat

Money Tree 2

Air Plant

Jade Planter

Grafted Cactus

Corn Plant

Snake Plant

Yellow Orchids 1


Air Plant Tray



Bonsai 2

Jade Boat


Dracaena Boat

Sago Palm

Sansieveria Boat

Air Plant

Bonsai 1

Money Tree 1

Succulent Frame

Spring time

Viburnum, Hyacinths,tulips and orchids. Great spring choice!

Compact romance

A romantic and compact arrangement of cymbidium orchids and hydrangeas

Pink Panther

Cymbidium and phalaenopsis orchids. A classy and gorgeous celebration of pinks

Lover’s delight

Ginger and orchid blooms. A real delight


Fresh arrangement in birch skin with lots of natural textures.


Chartreuse  green and white in a fresh composition.


Orange & yellow pincushion proteas, craspedia & mitsumata.

Pink Swirls

Lower centerpiece w/ callas, gerberas, hydrangeas, dahlias & fun elements.

Golden Harvest

An artistic arrangement in fall tones with artistic touches of gold wiring.


For the love of green & red.  Orchids, dahlias, roses & fresh grapes.


Exotic & colorful sunflowers, celosias, orchids, roses and dahlias.

Pretty In Pink

A variety of pink flowers – hyacinths, roses, orchids, tulips, gingers & freesias.

Cotton Candy

Pink hydrangeas, gerbera daisies, orchids & anthuriums. So sweet!

Pink Fantasy

Hydrangeas, roses, orchids, gerbera daisies & ginger flowers. A girly-girl treat!


Lime green and red arrangement w/ anthuriums, roses, orchids and gerbera daisies.

Juicy Colors

Fresh florals of red amaryllis, orange roses, pink snap dragons & lisianthus.


Roses, hydrangeas, proteas & dahlias. A feast for the eyes!

Pink Explosion

Modern design featuring callas, dahlias, gerbera daisies & roses.